What Do We Ship?

We ship all types of Personal Belongings, Online Purchases, Commercial Air Cargo, and Household Goods

Air/Skybox Shipping

Angel's Couriers Services Limited is delighted to bring International Air/Skybox Shipping

Angel's Courier is the first Tobago based Skybox Company Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the people of Tobago and Trinidad by providing an effective skybox service. And to develop and maintain lasting relationships with our clients focusing on all our customers' needs.

We ship cargo via Air from the U.S. to Trinidad & Tobago. International Air Courier/US Skybox Mail Service - Angel's Members living in Trinidad and Tobago or in the USA and Canada have the opportunity to shop online or by phone in the USA and have their mail and packages shipped to the Warehouse in MIA

Our staff will work diligently to process, ship, clear and safely deliver packages to you or your family members in Trinidad and Tobago in a timely manner.

Ocean Shipping

Interested in learning more about our Shipping services and the rates we offer on ocean freight shipments? Request a quote for Angel's Ocean Freight Shipping.

Please include the following information in your request for a quote:
Description of item(s) to be shipped via ocean
Actual Weight of item
Dimensions - Length x Width x Height of item
Declared value in USD$ of item

Angel's Insurance: is mandatory when shipping certain electronic items such as televisions. Insurance is based on the % value of the item to be shipped see the calculator estimator.

Need a Quick Estimate? Use our Shipping Estimator Calculation Tool to get an estimate of shipping costs